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SB393 Drug Price Inquiry

The drugs listed below are 200 brand-name drugs that are frequently inquired upon by Medi-Cal Pharmacy providers in California's Medicare Drug Discount Program.  Therefore you may not find a specific drug for which you are looking. Please note that prices are for the specific brand name and NDC number listed, and that the generic version of the drug may be less than the price listed for the brand name drug.  Not all brand name drugs have generic equivalents.

The NDC (National Drug Code) number is a number your pharmacist uses to identify your exact drug, strength, and brand name.  It is similar to the bar code numbers you have seen used in grocery stores to identify groceries for pricing.  You will see the NDC number listed on the page that quotes the price.  You may need to know that NDC number if you have questions about the drug price shown.

Please ask your pharmacist if you have any questions or concerns.